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Emotions show our true colors
Being attentive to your emotional state doesn't make you self-absorbed—rather, it can translate into benefits for health and well-being, say those who have picked up the torch for this new movement. That's why New York City psychotherapist Ronit Herzfeld says she created an iPhone app called AWARENESS


A Smartphone application for Inner Peace
If you're looking for a way to relieve stress and anxiety or to get in touch with your emotions in the new year look no further than your iPhone or iPad. Ronit Herzfeld shows off her the new iPhone and iPad application "Awareness" on American Morning. Test out the application for a limited time at


CBS Morning News covers the Global Emotional Awareness Movement
It is an online social media project that's asking people all over the world what they're feeling. The "Global Emotional Awareness Movement" or GLEAM is the brainchild of psycotherapist Ronit Herzfeld.


iPhone App ‘Awareness’ Pocket Psychotherapist Calms Nervous Souls
"Ohmmmmmm." It's your spiritual adviser calling. Awareness, a new iPhone app that was launched just last week, allows the ever-stressed, particularly at holiday time, to find psychological solace.


Psychotherapist releases new iPhone app
Feeling holiday stress? There’s an iPhone app for that. A New York shrink has released the “pocket psychotherapist” application — just in time to help ease the end-of-the-year burdens of the workplace, shopping and family gatherings.


The Oklahoman - Get App-y: ‘What are you feeling right now?’
Feeling stressed? Blah? Angry? Ready for a new outlook in 2011? Whatever your mood, New York family therapist Ronit Herzfeld said a key to getting in a good one and staying there is to recognize how you're feeling. She said that once people embrace their feelings, they can start making choices to shift to a more positive outlook.




Awareness app: Upgrade your mental software | Health Tech
Not to be confused with the Awareness! app (note exclamation point) that filters outside noises into your headphones, the new Awareness app (note lack of exclamation point) asks a simple question—What are you feeling right now?—at random intervals.


AWARENESS Review - Discover Inner Peace and Emotional Freedom
I have been told my some of my friends that I am a bit quick tempered and a bit cranky - and when I say "a bit" I mean pretty much most of the time.


The iPhone App Review
If you need to get more in touch with your feelings or emotions - there's an app for that. From the suitably-named Discover Yourself, Inc, Awareness is a new application for iOS devices that aims to get you more in tune with how you feel on a day to day basis.


AppScout: AWARENESS iPhone app helps put your mind and body in order
"What are you feeling right now?" is what you'd expect a shrink to ask you, not your smartphone. Launching today, Dec. 6th the Awareness app for iPhone wants to do just that and help your work through your feelings in order to achieve improved mental health...without the $200 per hour bill.


Huffington Post


Using Technology to Transform Our Inner Selves
Technology, as we all well know, has completely transformed our world — from helping create the social-media driven protests of the Middle East to overseeing the emergence of online journalism. But one of the more unexpected products of the Age of the Internet has been the increasing focus on matters of the inner self.


Can technology push human consciousness forward?
When I received an e-mail announcing the "Creating a Spiritually Inspired Future" event at the Urban Zen Center, with Arianna Huffington moderating a conversation between Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen, I immediately signed up and told all my friends about it. I am an ambassador of the heart — a trained psychotherapist, social and political activist, and spiritual teacher — and the opportunity to experience three great thinkers discussing a topic that has been at the core of my existence for the past several years excited and inspired me. Little did I know that attending that event would lead to an invitation to blog for The Huffington Post.


The essential New Year resolution
Happy New Year! It's that time of the year where many people want to start anew. There is a feeling of optimism and much discussion about how to stick to New Year's resolutions this year. I suggest that there is one resolution you can make that will determine your success with all other resolutions: learning about your emotional world and how it affects every aspect of your life — for better or worse.


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